What is Single Sign On Software?

There are many options available for Internet and computer usage, and many of them are designed to make the lives of people simpler. These include storing passwords, cloud storage, file migration, networking, and external hard drives. Each of these options makes it possible for people to transport their data to many different locations, accessing it all with one (or a few) simple steps. Another way to do this is called single sign on, and it is designed to make information access simpler, as well as to provide protection from identity theft.

How does it work? 

This type of software works as a way to ensure that without the main “master” password, it will be hard, if not impossible, to access multiple information points within a single computer or network. After typing in the main password, you’ll be able to access different areas, programs and accounts within the computer without having to sign in at each individual point. This is helpful for managers and business owners that are working with multiple people and accounts at once, because it decreases the time spent logging in multiple times in the same session. It is also very useful because without this password, people will have difficulty getting into parts of the computer that they should not have access to. Good for businesses and individuals alike, single sign on services are designed with user friendliness and protection in mind.

Is this really protecting me? 

Although it may seem like more of a convenience than a means of added protection, single sign on services are an extremely effective method of protection against prolonged identity theft scenarios. Much like credit monitoring and identity monitoring services, this protection serves as a deterrent for thieves by making it more difficult to do things without being noticed. Most of these types of software have a “lock out” procedure, meaning that if too many unsuccessful attempts to sign in are made, the information is inaccessible until proper steps are taken to prove your identity. This is especially useful if someone is trying repeatedly  to access information that they should not be able to get to – like personal files, documents, bank account information and photographs. By keeping a strong password between all of the different portions of your computer and outsiders, identity theft likelihood will decrease.


Is it easy to set up? 

Software solutions like this are designed to be simple to use in order to appeal to more people. Despite the ease of implementation, the security and advanced protection provided against identity theft and outsiders in general is extremely useful to many people. After selecting a single sign on solution, beginning to use it is as simple as selecting a master password, and linking the different portions of the computer – programs, files and accounts – to it. This will ensure that only those that are supposed to have access to these sections can get to them, unless they are somehow able to figure out the password. This is another thing to remember: choosing a difficult to guess but easy to remember password is key to keeping the safety and security of your information intact.


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