What is ID Theft Protection?


There are a lot of things that people choose to protect themselves from – sickness, home invaders, car accidents… many people even purchase protection plans  for goods and services tat they buy from the store. Since this is the case, why would you choose to skimp out on the one type of protection that can consistently monitor your personal information for potential breaches and misuse by others? This type of protection is offered by many different companies using a variety of products, but two of those such products are available from http://www.identityguard.com/: credit monitoring services and identity monitoring services. These two types of protection are proven methods of improved security for your various account types, and not only are they affordable, but they are extremely simple and convenient to use.

Credit Monitoring

This type of services focuses on the financial accounts of individuals. These types of services monitor people’s credit file data, looking for and making note of specific types of activity that could indicate identity theft. Prompt notifications serve as a method to alert users of potential fraud within their own accounts. Financial information and accounts are often the first things targeted by identity thieves, and are typically the most devastating losses to the victims, as in order to  survive, money is needed. Though many credit card companies and banks offer financial reimbursement quite quickly, as well as their own forms of identity theft protection, having an added measure of security can be comforting as well as useful.

Identity Monitoring

These services carefully look over the use of a person’s name and other personally identifying information like addresses, Social Security number, birthday and more. Monitors like this scour the internet for evidence your SSN may be compromised. This type of protection also monitors public records, which can help to alert users of things like fines, tickets, citations and other court cases that they would otherwise be unaware of  if incurred by a thief.


Even though knowing that this theft is happening will be upsetting to people, it is better that they have the opportunity to know and to fix the security problems as well as take measures to inform organizations, law enforcement, banks and stores that though things were done in their name, they was not authorized and should not be allowed to continue. The best way to protect from ID theft is to be cautious and proactive, and to remain vigilant. Taking the necessary precautions cannot completely rule the possibility of theft out, but it can definitely cut down on the likelihood that it will happen without discovery.


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