Putting an Identity Monitor to Good Use

When faced with the possibility of becoming a victim of identity theft or taking a few preventative measures in order to keep the likelihood of this happening down, most people would choose to make some extra effort toward keeping their information safe. One way to do this is to utilize the services of an identity monitor like the one provided by http://www.identityguard.com/, which works around the clock to monitor your personal information. This type of observation is thorough and effective when it comes to making sure that even if a thief manages to access your information, they cannot firmly establish themselves, or continue to use another’s information without consent for long periods of time.

How does an identity monitor work? 

This type of service works by having the user input some basic information – name, address, history, birthday, Social Security number, etc into the program, as well as allowing it to keep track of the way that the inputted information is being used. The program will look for certain activities – this can be an indication of attempted identity theft, and  the account holder will be notified so that they can carefully look over, comparing the status of their account previously with the current results. Services monitoring identity can be exceptionally useful for those that are just starting out on their own, or are anticipating making big changes in the near future like buying a home, getting married, or getting a new job.

Who steals an identity? 

Sadly, those  that target the identities of others are regular people that are simply looking to make their own lives simpler and more enriched by taking what is not theirs. Identity thieves come in all ages, and are present in many locations across the globe, and they are exceptionally talented at accessing information that does not belong to them. These thieves may simply be looking to make some fast cash, or they could be in it for the long haul, trying to completely assume the identity of someone else. When this level of theft occurs, there is nothing that the victim can do to stop it, unless they are aware of the fact that the situation is occurring. In some cases, identity thieves are not even the ones that are using the information that they steal – they are selling it to the highest bidder. These people may be illegal immigrants that cannot get a job or a home without using another’s identity, they could be criminals that cannot use their own information due to their previous records , or they could be desperate people looking to make a life for themselves by taking the easy way out and using someone’s information that has already become established … any way you look at it, it’s a horrific situation for those that are victims.


Services like identity and credit monitors were created for a specific purpose, and they continue to evolve and change frequently in order to better protect those that use them. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that people are able to safely and securely go about their lives without the added worry that someone will hack into their information without their knowledge and stay there indefinitely.


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