Will Using Identity Theft Protection Stop the Crime?

In order to better understand if you stop a crime like identity theft, it is necessary to take a closer look at the methods that are currently available to help victims and potential victims. Unfortunately, services like credit and identity monitors cannot stop the thieves from making the initial entry into an account or from trying to use someone else’s name in order to gain something, but these services will go a long way toward keeping this type of theft from happening long term. Even though the crimes themselves cannot be stopped by using these services, they give people a way to fight back, to take control of something lost, and even to reclaim a stolen identity by necessary means.

What do these services offer users? 

When choosing the best way to protect from identity theft, people will have to make a choice – at least initially. This choice will be the deciding factor in what type of protection is used, and presents people with an interesting choice. In the beginning, it will be necessary to pick between protecting financial information and protecting personal information – it comes down to deciding which aspect of their lives that a person feels is more likely to be compromised and impacted by a thief. Sites like http://www.identityguard.com/ offer potential users a wealth of knowledge about the services that they offer, allowing people to make an informed decision before making a purchase. Not only do they offer those that use them the ability to keep a closer eye on their information, but they also offer peace of mind… which can be just as valuable as any viewable results.

But how do they work? 

Interestingly enough, these services work extremely well without a great deal of user interaction. This is not to say that they aren’t user friendly, because it’s exactly the opposite. These services are meant to be used by people of all types – and of all experience levels when it comes to computer usage. They rely on users inputting complete and accurate information when they are setting up their accounts, because this means that they can comprehensively and completely monitor all of the important information that they are supposed to. By monitoring the data – public, Internet, credit files and more – these services will detect certain activity that could indicate identity theft. Prompt alerts via email or text message give the user a chance to review the information and take any necessary precautions.


Crimes like identity theft will always happen because the people committing them are smart and they are anonymous (for the most part). This anonymity not only protects the thieves, but it makes it easier for them to break firewalls, figure out passwords and steal information because they are seemingly invisible. Until it is possible for police and others to figure out exactly how thieves work and evolve, they cannot be stopped, which means that for the foreseeable future, services that promote identity theft protection are absolutely necessary and extremely useful.



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