Using Identity Theft Reviews to Choose the Best Protection Services

Choosing a type of identity theft protection that will help you combat against online theft is something that should not be taken lightly. Picking these types of services should take some time, and should be done when fully informed of the potential for success each has – as well as a general understanding of the way that they operate. When researching, using reviews of different types of identity protection can help you to narrow down your choices, simply based on the way that these things have worked for others in the past.


1. Look for keywords. 

No one wants to choose a service that will not work. Company websites are meant to advertise their products in a positive manner, but the reviews from actual customers will be what can be used as an extremely telling story of the true usefulness of these services. Phrases like “exactly as I hoped” and “easy to use” as well as “very useful” and “I’d recommend it” sound quite serious, and they truly are. When people are either impressed enough or annoyed enough to write a review, it is usually for a specific reason… even the negative reviews can be useful, as they may warn you of shortcomings and potential problems you may encounter while using the services.

2. Be thorough when you’re reading. 

Not everyone always pays attention to what they are purchasing, so when reading customer’s identity theft reviews, it’s important not to skim. For example, someone’s negative review may say “this product did not work for me” … which could be enough to warn someone off, but continuing reading could reveal that the person leaving the review may have thought that they were purchasing something to monitor their finances when it reality they purchased and used an identity monitor because they thought it would suffice. Rather than being quick to judge or discard an option, ensure that you get the full story first.

3. Look for examples. Generalized reviews may be nice, as they can boost a product or service rating, but without context, it’s hard to get a true idea as to how helpful the credit or identity monitoring services will be in individual situations. Look for people who give examples of the services alerting them to fraudulent activity, or of reports about how easy to take in the information sent back to you is… these are pinpointed things that people are praising, not just giving a general overview without reasoning. The negative examples can also help you formulate your decision, as you may not be facing the same type of scenarios as the people that weren’t satisfied and therefore don’t have to worry about being disappointed.

The reviews and public information are provided for a reason. No matter how great a product or service is, there will always be those that are unhappy for some reason, making it important to take the good with the bad. When monitoring for identity theft, although people use the same services, no two cases will be the same, meaning that it’s important to do research, but keep an open mind, as your experience could be totally different than someone else’s – even with the same exact monitoring services running.


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