Does Identity Theft Monitoring Catch Criminals?

As far as progress goes, the advancements that have been made over the past few years when it comes to identity theft detection are incredible. no longer are we as a population simply sitting back and letting the thieves have their way with out most personal information until they are caught  by accident – or until the banks notice large discrepancies in account status. Instead, some of the most dedicated companies across the web have come up with ways for people to combat against identity theft, in hopes of keeping their private information as protected as possible. Identity theft monitoring has increased by leaps and bounds in only a short period of time, making it very possible to catch these criminals and remove their access to the information that we hold most dear to us.

How do these programs and services work? 

Things like credit monitoring services and services monitoring identity work in a relatively simple manner. After implementation, these programs are constantly searching through user information – bank accounts, credit cards information, personal information like the use of names, addresses, birthdays, Social Security numbers and even public records. These are often the first places that identity thieves will strike, making their safety paramount to a person’s – your – overall well being. If something is noticed (a strange transaction, large transfer, new account opening with an unfamiliar institution) it will be located, noted, and reported back to you in a timely manner, giving you a chance to take a closer look if necessary. Unlike human eyes, these services never need to take breaks, meaning that they provide around the clock monitoring service to keep your information safe.


But …. they’ll catch the bad guys? 

These services cannot physically catch the criminals – they just detect their actions. In this sense, it will still be you (the user) that removes thieves from your information either by changing passwords, closing or transferring accounts, or simply disputing the charges. Once their activity is brought to light, it is much less likely that things will be allowed to continue, which can give you a chance to rebuild and recover. While these types of programs and services cannot stop theft before it starts, having a way to closely monitor all pertinent information make make it less likely that thieves are allowed to operate long term… thus making the recovery process faster and decreasing the amount of total damage done greatly. Thieves – especially ones specializing in identity theft – are smart, and they’re constantly changing their method of attack, meaning that the services used to fight against them need to be evolving as well… which means updating to the newest definitions and versions of themselves to stay ahead of the game.

Identity theft monitoring services are meant to keep people like you safe. The things you have achieved didn’t come overnight, you had to work for them. There is absolutely no reason why thieves should be allowed to steal from you or take what you have worked so hard to achieve – these programs are meant to prevent identity theft by looking for signs of it, and can be used by anyone at any time.


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