Where to Look for Useful Identity Theft Reviews of Products

Many companies rely on word of mouth and product reviews in order to get their name out to the masses, as well as gain the respect and confidence of those that would be using the products or service. This is especially useful for services like identity theft protection products, as these are meant to help people in a very specific way, keeping them from becoming victims and having to go through a lengthy recovery process. While there are many places that people can leave reviews, some of these are better (and more reliable) than others.

Company specific websites

Although these types of sites will often shout the good things about their products loud and clear, the negative (or worrisome) aspects may be glossed over on the company websites. Businesses want to promote themselves in a positive light, so the majority of the reviews that are posted on their sites will be positive-  talking about all of the good that their identity theft protection services have done and will continue to do. While large numbers of positive identity theft reviews are often a good indication of many satisfied customers, it’s a good idea to look at at least one other type of review site before making a final decision.

Blogs and message boards

When writing blogs, people tend to be honest – as they are reviewing their own personal experiences for others to see and contemplate. The same goes for message boards, where people congregate and share their experiences with each other. People tend to be honest when talking about the way that they have seen returns after spending money, so these types of places are often quite reliable when it comes to checking out reviews and opinions. The more details the better, and these forums give people a chance to be as wordy and descriptive as they please, making it easy to see exactly what the outcome was after using these fraud protection services.


Consumer review sites

In order to prevent identity theft, you’ve got to choose the right method and the right company to provide it. In order to sign up and leave reviews on many of these sites, you have to register and “prove” your identity – many of the sites require that you not use an anonymous or false identity, and when things must be done under your real name, people tend to be honest and accurate. Consumer review sites are meant to educate the public in a way that cannot and should not be doubted – it’s OK to trust these sites and the reviews and opinions that they promote, no matter whether they are positive or negative.


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