The People Who Benefit Most From ID Theft Protection


Even though identity thieves can strike anywhere and at any time, there are a few specific groups that are more likely to be victims, simply as a result of their actions and the ways that they present details about themselves to the general public. Although the following list is by no means complete, it does give you a bit more insight into those that are most likely to be impacted by identity theft – and to understand why using a form of ID theft protection is so very important.

Young Adults

This group is likely to be victimized because of their habits of oversharing on social media and via in person transactions. Many teens and adults in their early 20’s are more prone to posting information and photos online as well as sharing their passwords for things like the ATM with their friends and families. While these practices can make life simpler at the time, they can also present a future mess by opening the door for account and information via identity theft. Most young adults have clean records, perfect credit scores, and few strikes against them, making them a likely target for thieves who are looking for easy marks – and almost unlimited and unblemished resources.

The Elderly

Even though credit scores and public records may be tarnished and extended, the elderly are still a group that is often targeted by thieves simply because of their ignorance about many things. One example of this is that this generation is more unfamiliar with computers than others, making it possible to swindle money and information from people under the guise of helping or making general contact as a “courtesy”. Using these tactics, thieves can get access to bank accounts, get sent money, or simply compile information that can make it possible to open accounts and use personal information for personal gain – at the detriment to the real owner. Something like a credit monitoring service would be beneficial here, as this would provide an almost real-time look at accounts and finances, even for those that aren’t technologically savvy.

Users of Store-Branded Credit Cards

Even though this group is comprised of people of all ages, it is a likely target of thieves simply because finding a way to breach the database will allow for access to hundreds – if not thousands – of account numbers, names, and dollars. Even though the discounts and special characteristics of these cards are appealing, it’s important to stay vigilant and informed about the security measures that are used by the companies in charge of the cards…. yes, they may be more secure and protected than the average card, but these measures are not infallible, and shouldn’t be treated as such.


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