Identity Theft Protection

identity theft protection Whether it’s online or in the comfort of your own home, there is a lot of benefit to be had from identity theft protection. With over 13 million American identity theft victims in 2013, theft of identity continues to be profitable for criminals. There are a lot of ways that your identity could be stolen, and if you think that you are 100% safe from identity, then you are wrong… unless you don’t have an identity.

Who is at Risk?

Anyone with an identity is at risk. If you don’t post any private information on the internet and think that you are safe from cyber-criminals, consider that many large retail consumer databases are housed online and can be hacked into for mass data breaches. You have an online presence whether you like it or not. If you only use credit cards to conduct online shopping, so you think that identity thieves can’t do any real damage to your bank accounts and you don’t need to protect from identity theft, consider that using public WiFi leaves your information accessible to anyone who knows how to take advantage of a local network. If you think practicing safe personal record storage in your home keeps thieves from getting your information, consider that credit card offers and bank statements that are not disposed of properly could allow thieves to open lines of credit in your name and ruin your financial reputation.

What can I do?

What can you do to practice better identity theft protection? First, make sure you properly shred all of your financial statements and credit card offers. Try not to use sites that require login or financial information over public WiFi. And closely monitor your credit reports for certain changes that could indicate identity theft. If you don’t think that this will help you properly protect form identity theft, consider using professional identity theft protection. Many services like Identity Guard Identity Theft Protection can help you monitor, protect, and recover your identity. These experts can help you protect what makes you… you. Don’t be afraid to acquire help


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