An Identity Monitor is More Comprehensive than a Credit Monitor

Credit monitoring is a service that is used to detect inconsistencies in your credit report, including the fraudulent use of your identity to utilize your existing accounts or open new accounts. Identity monitoring is a much more comprehensive service that will help you avoid the theft of your identity for all kinds of activities. These may include allowing the individual using your personal information to actually pose as you for all kinds of purposes, from obtaining employment to getting a marriage license. It is very important to detect identity theft before the fraudulent use of your identity is so pervasive that it will be very difficult and time consuming to repair.


So, what kinds of identity monitoring services are available? Identity Guard® is one such identity monitor. Identity Guard products will help you detect identity theft in a timely manner so that you can avert a time consuming and frustrating situation in which you identity has been widely exploited by an identity thief.

The Identity Guard Total Protection® service will monitor your credit, much like any credit monitoring service. You will receive quarterly updates covering all three major credit bureaus, as well as your scores with these bureaus. Of course, you will also receive timely notices if something suspicious appears with regard to any of these reports or scores.

Identity Guard Total Protection goes beyond credit monitoring to be a true identity monitor. Your social security number will be monitored for suspicious activity. You will receive ID verification alerts, for example, if your identification is being used for purposes of gaining employment. Public records monitoring and alerts will let you know if your identification is being used by someone who may have applied for a marriage license or committed a crime. An unauthorized change of address is another red flag that someone may be using your identity to receive any number of communications at another location. Identity guard will alert you to suspicious address changes.

How will you receive these valuable alerts from Identity Guard? It is always your choice! Identity Guard will send you timely alerts by phone, text message or email. There is also a convenient application for downloading to your mobile device. In today’s world of rising identity theft, it is smart to choose Identity Guard to monitor both your credit report and your identity as a whole.


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