Read Identity Theft Protection Reviews to find one that is Right for You

Do you know your credit score?  You might, because more and more financial products like credit cards are putting this information right on their statements as a service to their customers.  You may also know that you can receive a free credit report once a year.  It is a good idea to take advantage of this free information because it can alert you to even small discrepancies that you will want to correct with the credit reporting bureau.  It can also make apparent that something else might be wrong–someone else may be using your information to make purchases on your accounts or even open new accounts.  But what if none of your financial products provide you with your free credit score?  What about the rest of the year when you do not have access to a free credit report?  And, did you know that there are actually three credit reporting bureaus?  If you are accessing your score and report from only one of these, you may be overlooking a lot of information.

identity theft protection reviews

With the rate of identity theft at an all-time high and climbing, an identity monitoring service is right for everyone these days.  How can you choose the best one?  First, you want to make sure that the service is monitoring all three credit bureaus and giving you periodic reports from them so that you can note inconsistencies before they become huge problems.  Second, it is important that your identity monitoring service tracks your personally identifiable information, which is more than just your credit.  Some people are surprised to learn that with just a few pieces of your valuable personal information, an identity thief can literally impersonate you in virtually any situation from getting a job to being arrested.

After doing a little homework about what different services offer, it is a great idea to read what real customers think about identity theft protection. Identity Guard® is an excellent identity monitoring service.  Here are some things that people have noted about Identity Guard in reviews of identity theft protection:

          • Regular credit score updates
          • Outstanding customer service
          • Connection with a mobile application that is easily downloaded
          • Free trial

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