Identity Theft Protection Securing your Social Security Number

identity theft protection social security cardThe 9 digit social security number is one of the most important ties a person has to their identity. Social security numbers are used to prepare taxes, apply for jobs, and verify your identity at major financial institutions. Around 16 or 18 years old, most people begin to memorize their SS number, how many applications did you fill out when you started applying to universities or your first job?  As many people have realized, this number will be a big part of which doors are open throughout life.

Why are Social Security Numbers Valuable?

Most applications require a social security number to be processed. Due to the importance of this function, identity thieves may feel that they have a better chance of using someone else’s information instead of their own information. This can be due to any number of reasons. The key point is even if your past financial history or background may not be pristine, it may be leaps and bounds better than that of others. This is why people need to use identity theft protection in regards to their social security number and other identifying information.

Protecting Social Security Numbers

Protecting your social security number may seem very simple upon first thought. In practice, this can prove more difficult. One must consider the amount of documents that a social security number is written on.


It can be intimidating to turn in an application. Many people worry if they entered the correct information into the right area, writing is legible, and that information is clearly presented or explained. Especially in the 18 – 24 year age group, many people have others look over their applications before submission. Review of applications is extremely beneficial for catching mistakes. When filling out an application, enter your social security number last. This enables you to let others look over it without making your SS number accessible.

Licenses or State Identification Cards

Make sure that you do not list your social security number on your driver’s license or state ID. Even if you have listed it previously, you can request that it not be included when you renew or get a new ID. Especially for the bar hopping crowd, ID’s are lost all the time. Ensure that the worst part of losing your license is the inconvenience of visiting the DMV or BMV.


Multiple types of documents list either the full social security number or the last four digits. Store documents like this in a secure location, such as a safe or safety deposit box.  If that isn’t an option, make sure the documents aren’t left out in the open. Store sensitive documents in sealed files.

Identity theft protection is made much simpler by being aware of conditions in which your social security number is displayed or easy to view by others. Ensure that you are taking all the steps necessary to safeguard your personal information. Looking for more tips on identity theft protection? Visit


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