The Different Types of Identity Theft

The Different Types of Identity Theft

In order to better protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft, it’s imperative that you know what you need to be aware of in order to keep yourself and your information just a little safer. Identity theft is a serious crime, and it can impact people from all walks of life and from all areas – the thieves are simply looking for the easiest way to get something with relatively little effort. To keep yourself prepared, there are different options like credit and identity monitors that you may choose to use – but first, you’ll need to know what the two main types of identity theft are.

Credit theft and financial identity theft are similar because thieves taking this route are after both money and using your information to establish new credit. This information can be compromised and used to make purchases, open new accounts and even simply make withdrawals from existing bank accounts. This type of theft is especially damaging because it is easy for thieves to take large amounts in very little time – which can result in disaster for the victims. This type of identity theft is also damaging because there is a directly resulting outcome: the victims are without money, available credit and a safety net until the banks or other institutions are able to reverse the charges. This type of crime can impact a credit rating and the ability to open new cards or make large purchases like vehicles or homes, and can come as a total shock, especially to those that have very little in the first place.

Another of the common identity theft types involves the misuse of personal details like names, addresses, social security numbers and public records in order to misrepresent oneself as someone else. This is useful to people with felony records, non-citizens and those looking to avoid their own past when applying for things like jobs, marriage licenses and places to live. These details can be extremely difficult to gain access to, but if this happens, recovering from the aftermath can take months or even years. Of the two identity theft types, this is the one that can be considered more “personal”, because someone using your name or information is essentially passing themselves off as you – and unless you know about it, there isn’t much that can be done.


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